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If you are a software developer and interested in joining the effort, please check out the Pilot Program and let your friends know about it!

Can you imagine a world where the workplace is a peaceful retreat, leaving every day feel better than when you came in to work? ... that is the goal of ZenIT!

Technology is and has been extremely useful for humankind. However, the unstructured way in which we use it comes with a hefty price: migraine headaches, mental diseases, stomach issues, high stress, etc. Most of us are not aware that heavy computer/smartphone use puts strain on our mind and organs.

These problems are most visible in the IT industry. I can say from my own experience working in several countries and speaking to people from 100+ countries that the majority of IT specialists worldwide have high-stress jobs.

In Japan and China, I must watch many of my good friends suffering in the workforce, where they are made to work 10-20 hours per day. Even back home in the Silicon Valley, with shorter working hours, I still find that many of my friends and coworkers live with high levels of stress and often mental illnesses, such anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc.

We cannot continue like this. How will the current generation of toddlers being raised on tablet computers grow up? We must change the way in which we use technology. And, for this purpose and as part of my dedication to do my best for the world, I am starting the ZenIT movement, which aims to create a new style of using technology, which is very peaceful and highly productive, enabling us to think creatively and apply technology at the greatest level mankind has seen yet.

For the foundation, I will combine the best of what I have access to:
  1. The highly productive Silicon Valley software development styles and pair programming, based on my 8 years of work experience and Computer Science degree from U.C. Berkeley, with support from countless friends, former colleagues, and CEOs from the Silicon Valley and Japan.
  2. The principles of Zen and meditation, which I am studying in Eiheiji Town.
  3. Martial Arts, Yoga, and mindfulness which I have studied and practiced for 13 years.
  4. Access to a worldwide network of young leaders, presidents/prime ministers, big-name CEOs, and Nobel Laureates focused on bettering the world as a One Young World Ambassador.
  5. Access to and support from Japanese government as the Evolution Ambassador of Eiheiji Town.
Our goal by 2040 is to give everybody in the world the option to have a peaceful job!

    About Eiheiji and Zen

    Fukui is continuously ranked as the happiest prefecture in Japan and Eiheiji town is among the happiest towns in it. Eiheiji is the head temple of Soto Zen, with 15,000 branch temples across the world. Up to 6,000 people per day visit it for sightseeing.

    Japanese Zen focuses on learning yourself and reducing suffering through Zazen sitting meditation and many philosophical teachings. It is a highly advanced way of living that yields peaceful human beings.


    Please contact us at info_web@ZenIT.jp and we would be happy to tell you more details and possibly set up a workshop for your group!

    ZenIT Organizers

    Amil Khanzada

    Founder of ZenIT
    One Young World 2018 Fukui delegate (profile)
    UC Berkeley Computer Science 2012 graduate (profile)
    Silicon Valley developer (experience)

    Taisuke Fukuno

    Founder and board member of jig.jp, a mobile software development company with 60+ employees
    Founder of open data in Japan
    Founder of IchigoJam, for teaching kids programming used worldwide

    Hisamitsu Kawai

    Eiheiji town mayor

    About Eiheiji Town

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