Making every workplace a retreat


Can you imagine a world where every workplace is a peaceful retreat, leaving every day feeling better than when you came in to work?

The goal of the ZenIT project is to bring peace to the workforce by defining a new style of working... one that is very peaceful and highly productive, enabling us to think creatively and apply technology at the greatest levels mankind has seen yet. We have taken on the responsibility to reverse the global trends of high workplace stress and burnout. And our goal by 2040 is for every person in the world to have the option of a peaceful job. 

The war and human rights violations occurring daily in “peaceful” countries often goes ignored. In Japan and China, I must watch many of my good friends suffering in the workforce, where they are made to work 10-20 hours per day and on weekends, developing mental diseases and sometimes being driven to death. Even back home in the Silicon Valley, with shorter working hours, high stress, mental illnesses (anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc.), and food issues (heartburn, etc.) are regarded as normal. Myself included, many of us have lived in hell, despite being surrounded by beautiful things, technology, and an abundance of money. 

We must also be aware that technology also poses a threat. Although it is convenient, human society is not fully aware of the side effects of heavy computer/smartphone use. In my own personal experience, I have found it to damage my mind and internal organs, manifesting as anxiety and severe heartburn. We cannot continue like this. How will the current generation of toddlers being raised on tablet computers grow up? It’s critical that we redefine the way we use technology so that future generations have a proper chance at life. 

But how can these problems be solved? Perhaps by defining the ZenIT style of work and spreading it globally. This mission will require an immense amount of collaborative effort, research studies (Psychology/Computer Science), corporate training programs, education for kids, collaboration with governments on law change, recognition by the United Nations, and so forth. The vision is to have ZenIT centers in every country of the world and ZenIT’s mission has support from young leaders from 50+ countries. 

Fortunately, the founder of ZenIT is well-positioned to lead this effort, having been granted:

  1. Proficiency in the highly productive Silicon Valley software development styles and pair programming, with access to developers and executives at several Silicon Valley firms 

  2. UC Berkeley Computer Science degree, with access to the global alumni network 

  3. Eiheiji Town Evolution Ambassador, with access to the peaceful principles of Zen and meditation, highly developed over 750 years, and the Japanese government 

  4. One Young World Ambassador with access to a worldwide network of young leaders, presidents/prime ministers, famous CEOs, and Nobel Laureates committed to bettering the world

  5. 13+ years of experience in Martial Arts, Yoga, and mindfulness

About Eiheiji and Zen

Fukui is continuously ranked as the happiest prefecture in Japan and Eiheiji town is among the happiest towns in it. Eiheiji is the head temple of Soto Zen, with 15,000 branch temples across the world. Up to 6,000 people per day visit it for sightseeing.

Japanese Zen focuses on learning yourself and reducing suffering through Zazen sitting meditation and many philosophical teachings. It is a highly advanced way of living that yields peaceful human beings.