Beginner's Zen Programming Workshop @Eiheiji


We ran the first Zen programming workshop at the Eiheiji Four Seasons Cultural Center on 2018/8/26!


At first, we went up to the 2nd floor Zazen room, where we got about an hour of time from a Soto Zen monk, who explained to us the fundamental of Zen and how to do Zazen meditation. We then did Zazen for about 10 minutes.


After this, we all went to the 1st floor office space, gave introductions, and listened to a lecture from Amil about Zen x Silicon Valley x Inner Peace programming style. Then, we all returned to the 2nd floor Zazen room and did Zazen for about 10 minutes.


Back at the 1st floor office space, we did pair programming, TDD, and made a simple HTML/JavaScript web page.


At the end, we again did Zazen at the 2nd floor, came back to the office room and exchanged our opinions.

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