Zen Programming Workshop - Open Source Greenplum Database


Today, I did a Zen programming workshop for about 2 hours with Masashi Dojo, a Japanese programmer with 7 years of experience! We met up at Fukui station, got pumped up after having dinner at a Japanese restaurant with nice Feng Shui, drove over to the Eiheiji Four Seasons Cultural Center, and started the workshop.


At first, we used the WiFi in the first floor office room to download the open source Greenplum code and set up our Docker environment. After that, we went up to the 2nd floor Zen hall.



It was pretty hot, so we went outside to do Zazen meditation on benches/zabuton for about 10 minutes in the beautiful nature under a starry sky surrounding by greenery. Amil got quite calm afterwards, but Masahi got nervours from being on alert of surroundings.

その後はワークショップを続いて、GreenplumのコードのConfigureとBuildとInstallをして、Demo Clusterを立ち上げられました。

After that, we configured, built, and installed the code after which we set up a demo cluster.

Greenplumの構成も少し説明して、簡単なSQL Queryを書きました。

I also explained the Greenplum architecture and we wrote some simple SQL queries.


Finally, we put up an open source PR on GitHub!



At the end we went outside to do Zazen meditation again, but got scared from the noises of animals we felt around us, so ran inside and locked the doors!


Masahi's impressions were first scared! and then thankful that he could study Linux, vi, and GitHub!

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