ZenIT - Build Your HTML/JavaScript Website for Beginners

Today, we worked on building a basic website using pair programming and Zen meditation!


We started off with a presentation about ZenIT and the cutting-edge extreme programming style from Silicon Valley.

最初はZenITとシリコンバレーの最先端のExtreme Programming作法について発表しました。

After this, we watched an official video on how to do Zazen meditation, followed by 5 minutes of actually doing it!


Then, we dug into the basics of HTML/JavaScript with Yuuka Shimomaki, a high school student, helping me out to explain it!


After this, we split into teams and did pair programming to work on our own creative websites.


Of course, we did Zazen meditation again during our breaks. And, after about 20 minutes, we swapped pairs, worked a bit more and each team presented it's product!


Here are the projects! みんなのプロジェクト!


To finish off, we had a retrospective meeting, discussing what went well and not so well! Constant improvement!


It was a super fun day and almost everyone wanted to keep learning more programming.

Let's create a place where people can learn programming in a happy, peaceful way, and also get some work done!



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